Modern soul trio Silver Linings swing by the studios to perform live on air and chat about their upcoming Noisy Ritual show.

Playlist for JVG Radio Method – 21 July 2019
  • Don't Forget About Me(Dusty In Memphis)DUSTY SPRINGFIELD
  • The Little Boy That Santa Claus ForgotA Girl Called Eddie
  • ForgetNina Simone
  • ForgetIan Bland - Live
  • I Forgot To Take My Meds TodayPrince Daddy and The Hyena
  • Don't Forget Your TeethFatboy Slim
  • Don't Forget MeHarry Nilsson
  • RegulateDr Pump - Live
  • Someday I'll ForgetTex, Don and Charlie
  • I Had Forgotten YouPaul Kelly and the Messengers
  • True Love Tends To ForgetBob Dylan
  • Forget AboutKelly Day - Live
  • Don't You (Forget About Me)Simple Minds
  • Are You Mine?Kim Deal
  • Start It OverSilver Linings - Live
  • So Good To YouSilver Linings - Live

About this program

A personally biased, segment laden, thematically blended hotchpotch.

With Ian Bland's ‘Bland on Bland', Dan Warner's ‘Warner Corner', Dr Pump's ‘Pumped Full of Shit', Keith Fuller's seasonal ‘Fuller Shit', Pete Ewing's ‘What Are You Doing Ewing?'** and a featured guest every week.

All the recorded music I play is pertinent to the week's theme. My thematic show is a whole lot more interesting that Bob Dylan's radio show because of the feast of segments I present. The segments run like this - At a quarter past twoish you can hear Bland on Bland: Ian Bland recites a somewhat thematically related self-penned poem. See for Ian's transcripts and more. A bit after half past two it's Full Of Shit. A segment that has morphed. Keith Fuller the original Shitter comes in seasonally to explore the depths of the theme. But most weeks Dr Pump presents Pumped Full of Shit where he talks a bit about the theme and performs a song live, often accompanied by his compter device.

At three o'clockish it's time for Warner Corner: Dan Warner delivers a thematically appropriate ditty accompanied by his in house band - Dave Evans on accordion, Nathan Farrelly on bass, Ed Bates on lap steel and Greg Field on violin. Soon after Warner Corner you'll hear vital local information on JVG News. Included in the news is a sub-segment. Peter Ewing presents What Are You Doing Ewing? In this dubious use of precious airtime Peter tells us what he's been doing.**

A bit after 3.30 or when the whole thematic thing starts to wear a bit thin, in studio guests play live.

**Pete's in America at the moment. Whenever anything that Peter has done is worth reporting - which is seldom - Pete's Melbourne correspondent Georgie Darvidis will drop by and inform us.