Playlist for JVG Radio Method – 14 October 2018
  • Emo KidsMinibikes
  • Motocross kidsMinibikes
  • Heavy Metal KidColoured Balls
  • Messin' With The KidThe Saints
  • KidsIan Bland - Live
  • I Want My Kids To Look Like YouDon Walker
  • KidThe Pretenders
  • Kid CharlemagneDr Pump - Live
  • Show Biz KidsSteely Dan
  • The Kids Are AlrightDan Warner - Live
  • One Paper KidWillie Nelson and Emmy Lou Harris
  • The KidsLou Reed
  • WannabeHobson's Bay Coast Guard - Live

About this program

A segment laden, thematically blended hotchpotch of music and talk.

And it all changed over COVID. When no one could come into the studio my contributors got on the phone and recorded stuff at home. And my list of contributors organically grew. Enforced change can be a good thing. 

Ian Bland, Kerri Simpson, Davey Lane, Dr Pump, Angie Hart and Emma Heeney, Barb Waters and Craig Pilkington, Charles Jenkins, Dave "The Accordion Monster" Evans and Sarah Carroll report in most weeks. Ian reads his poetry and the others either record tracks at home and/or select music. Apart from Dave who plays his accordion into the phone. 

Things will change as we return to normal and everyone can get back into the studio. I look forward to the house band playing live and backing a revolving door of singers. I look forward to irregular guests. And I look forward to seeing most of my regular contributors face to face.