How High The Moon

Presented by Nenagh McNeece-Doley

Playlist for How High The Moon – 1 January 2021
  • Drawn to the WomanSounds From the Ground
  • OtakuBlack Dog Productions
  • Real LoveMark Van Hoen
  • Thee Gaian ConnectionAlchemical Solution
  • Spiritual HighThe Irresistible Force
  • PolemicAstralmoonbeamprojections
  • The Doge of VeniceDadomo
  • Black StarElectronic Eye
  • M6 NorthLaura Groves
  • LSTP2Rainbow Bridge
  • I WishPink Industry
  • ContactAlkahest
  • Check It (Zed Bias remix)FOS Project
  • TBC (Crustation remix)The Effective Word
  • Raincry (Submerged mix)God Within
  • RocketSanctuary Mission

About this program

A sci-fi soul excursion, a hip-hop sound signature, it's fancy footwork for ya mind!