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Playlist for Good Fortune – 7 June 2020
  • About YouESG
  • Quicksand MindsStrange Boutique
  • I Was A Teenage WerewolfThe Cramps
  • SportsHigh Tension
  • Pointy HornsOuch My Face
  • AgorophobiaTired Lion
  • We're All HenryTeen Jesus and the Jean Teasers
  • AdoreSavages
  • HeroineJehnny Beth
  • I'm the ManJehnny Beth
  • FlowerJehnny Beth
  • TogetherThe xx
  • I Mustn't Run AwayImaginary Hockey League
  • Things Left To SayMal Blum
  • They / Them / Theirsworriers
  • Let England ShakePJ Harvey
  • Grand IdeasAlice Skye
  • HopefullnessCourtney Barnett
  • Rolled In GoldAdalita
  • KingsCash Savage and The Last Drinks
  • Too SeriouslyDyson , Stringer , Cloher
  • AnnaCamp Cope

About this program

Celebrating women and gender diverse musicians from all around the world. Past, present and future.

Good Fortune explores these music makers and storytellers, focusing on their sound, process and contribution to the industry and community.