MzRizk chats to Chris Gill about the DJ workshop she’ll be presenting as part of Stonnington Jazz Festival. Members of the local group Jacky Winter join the show for a natter about their new 12". Plus, hear about the Rainforest Action Group fundraising party with Miss Colombia.

Playlist for Get Down – 9 May 2019
  • Main Theme "Goodbye Carter"ROY BUDD
  • Mies Van Der RoheAcidslop
  • The Grain StoreJake Mason Trio
  • EvolutionMenagerie
  • Magnetic RuinsWVR BVBY
  • The WoodsSeven Ups
  • Miss ShineyKAIIT
  • Life Is IncredibleBriggs
  • Stars (Jacky Winter Remix)GL
  • Sweeet SingingJACKY WINTER
  • For All My PeopleJAPH-C & DJ RANSOM
  • ParadiseILL FORMAT
  • My NameBIRDZ
  • Atlantic OscillationsQuantic
  • Tropical SnowMiss Columbia
  • ClayElla Haber
  • Lonely GirlBOBBY OROZA
  • Concrete ReservationSYL JOHNSON

About this program

Get Down to the funky sound, Get Down to lots of vinyl, Get Down to your community, Get Down for arts and music news and interviews, Get Down to get up again!

James Brown once said to me, "Chris, go out and make sure people hear soul music". What can I do, I have no choice but to do as I am told. Soul music is funky, it is dub, it is salsa, it is hip hop, it is in electronic music, it is in all things GOOOOOOD.

Keep you ears open for LOTS of local music that we are making in Melbourne, you'll hear alot here too!