Get Down
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Playlist for Get Down – 28 December 2023
  • Bumpin' Bus StopThunder & Lightning
  • Funky LineFabulous Shalimars
  • Right On (To The Street Called Love)Barbara & Gwen
  • Bad SmokeCrawl Y'all
  • You're A Stone Groovy ThingRuth Brown
  • Impeach Me BabyArlean Brown
  • Let a Woman Be a Woman (And a Man Be a Man)Dyke And The Blazers
  • I Can Do Anything You Can DoRhythm Masters
  • An Earthquakes ComingBlack Velvet
  • I Need LoveHunt's Determination Band
  • L.C. funkLee Williams & The Cymbals
  • Black Water GoldAfrican Music Machine
  • Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out)Sly Slick & Wicked
  • Pretty "Lil" MamaThe Soul Crusaders Orchestra
  • FootballAcres Of Grass
  • Donald HeightLife Is Free
  • (Hey, You And You And You And You)Marva W. Taylor
  • Hang Up pts. 1Warm Excursion
  • Wee Willie & The WinnersGet Some
  • Living In DepressionSebastian
  • Fun & Funk PT 2The Fantastic Epics
  • Communication Is Where It's AtBilly The Baron And His Smoking Challengers
  • Tribute To A SlaveNat Turner Rebellion
  • DetroitPaul Humphrey
  • Born BlackThe 4 Sensations
  • RecessPublic School 13
  • I Can't Go Through These Changes AnymoreChorley Mae
  • California LadyJames Kind & Stack
  • Get Off The Streets Y'allEric And The Vikings
  • Funky In HereWillard Burton & The Funky Four
  • Got To Get Me a JobAnn Alford
  • Don't Lose Faith (In Love)Bobby D. Husband
  • Good + FunkyJames Barnes & The Agents
  • Getting the CornersT.S.U. Toronadoes
  • Funky Grand PawIncomparable Seven

About this program

Get Down to the funky sound, Get Down to lots of vinyl, Get Down to your community, Get Down for arts and music news and interviews, Get Down to get up again!

James Brown once said to me, "Chris, go out and make sure people hear soul music". What can I do, I have no choice but to do as I am told. Soul music is funky, it is dub, it is salsa, it is hip hop, it is in electronic music, it is in all things GOOOOOOD.

Keep you ears open for LOTS of local music that we are making in Melbourne, you'll hear alot here too!