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A mixed bag for episode 2 with Millú

Playlist for Full Circle – 11 February 2020
  • They Came In Peace (Winston Street 3am)Tranquility Bass
  • Last DreamGene Douglas
  • Inversion BootsT. Power
  • Beuaitful LoveFemale Wizard
  • Water DrumsUnion Jack
  • AstralTime Modem
  • UnreleasedCale Sexton
  • PilgrimageDub Squad
  • The PassionMi Sun & DJ Chrysalis
  • sniffer dogsrantzen and spinoglio
  • Emberiota
  • Chocolate MachineSandoz
  • Person SansBlu Terra
  • NightshiftMakesome Breaksome
  • Dunlop Rattle (Andy Garvey Remix)Ten Brains
  • Overtime Dub (feat. Tom G)Cousin
  • Smos Have You Seen My ShoesMayaku
  • ChoppySmoud Beats
  • SashimiNaoki Kenji
  • Womanhood (DJ Python Remix)Kein Zage
  • Winding PodCCL & Flora FM
  • Lac of ThereinPerishing Thirst
  • SpliffYMC

About this program

Full Circle transports the electronic underground to your late night airwaves – a weekly transmission of cerebral ambient selections and leftfield electronics, through to dance-floor ready bass and breaks. Expect diverse music for all occasions with Millú and a range of guests, sharing their own inspirations from near and far.