Episode 28 with Carmen-Sibha Keiso

Playlist for Frantic Items – 9 October 2022
  • The Voyage (feat. Pharoah Sanders)Sleepwalker
  • Comme A La RadioBrigitte Fontaine
  • Little Red ShoesLoretta Lynn
  • LightYang Fan
  • Light MusicLis Rhodes
  • Signal LimitationBonnie Mercer
  • I Am Holding My Breath (excerpt)Amby Downs
  • How To Break Up With A Water SignBonnie Mercer
  • Milk ThistleSally Golding
  • Denial (Bearcat Remix)Divide and Dissolve
  • Saenghwang For The Milky BoysPark Jiha & Roy Claire Potter
  • Fungal City (feat. Serpentwithfeet)Björk
  • ChiriRosalía
  • WildfireShygirl
  • BalanceSia Ahmad
  • NamoucheIceage
  • Yep YepMoin
  • BlacktopYeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Too Dead InsideYeule
  • OnusCoby Sey
  • Box GardenYuta Matsumura
  • Cloud Mountain Of HallaCloset Yi

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"Palm Springs" by Social Climbers