Playlist for Frank – 5 July 2019
  • Soap(Werks 2001-5)IMPLOSION QUINTET
  • 0-00-0
  • Tom Traubert's Blues-Four Sheets To The Wind In Copenhagen(Small Change)TOM WAITS
  • Beast For Thee(Now Here's My Plan EP)BONNIE "PRINCE" BILLY
  • Blue Diamond Mine(Clear Waters Remembered)JEAN RITCHIE
  • -0--0-
  • Ego Will Collapse(title track)TADLEEH
  • As I've Heard(Cage & Aviary)BRYONY JARMAN-PINTO
  • For Finland(Amoroso)GREY WING TRIO
  • Transire(Holy Spring)LAURENCE PIKE
  • 00-
  • Mugham Shur(Mugham of Azerbaijan)ELNUR MILKAYILOV
  • Improvisation For Three & A Half Instruments(Music of Central Asia Vol. 1)WU MAN, ABDUVALI ABDURASHIDOV & SIROJIDDIN JURAEV
  • Tuang Guru(The Balance)ABDULLAH IBRAHIM
  • Ten Eleven(The Hour Of Two Lights)TERRY HALL & MUSHTAQ(Damon Albarn)
  • 0-0o-o
  • Pharaoh(Be Known Ancient/Future/Music)ETHNIC HERITAGE ENSEMBLE
  • Payne's Bay(The Rip Tide)BEIRUT
  • One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)FRANK SINATRA
  • Unsolicited Advice To Adolescent Girls With Crooked Teeth & Pink Hair(Going Down Swinging #30)JEANANN VERLEE
  • 0--00--0
  • Walking In The Rain(Nightclubbing-12" version)GRACE JONES
  • Move On Up(Curtis)CURTIS MAYFIELD
  • Lonnie's Lament/Dawitt AbatachowBLACK JESUS EXPERIENCE

About this program

Sinatra to Zappa skirting the Middle East to the MidWest.

Intro Theme: Harvey's Tune - AL KOOPER, STEPHEN STILLS & MIKE BLOOMFIELD (Super Session)