Playlist for Frank – 26 April 2019
  • Left For New Orleans(All Along The Northern Evening)SMALLERTIDE
  • 0-00-0
  • Bay of BiscayPAUL ROONEY
  • Ring of Fire(Character Assassination)ED KUEPPER
  • Moonlight Midnight(Quartet)PETER ROWAN + TONY RICE
  • Unfaithful Servant(selftitled)THE BAND
  • 0-0o-o
  • Knife Guitar(An Untamed Sense Of Control)ROSCOE HOLCOMB
  • Sunshine In Chicago(Among The Leaves)SUN KIL MOON
  • Hora Lui Sile(Sounds From A Bygone Age Vol. 1)ION PETRE STOICAN
  • Alfred Over Rooftops-The Fearless Vampire Killers(The Komeda Project)ANDREA KELLER + MIROSLAV BUKOVSKY
  • -0-00-0-
  • Camberwell Beauty(Ealing Feeder)SARAH ANGLISS
  • Weight(Symbolic Use Of Light)UMFANG
  • Giallo A Londra(Barry 7's Connectors 2)GUISEPPE DE LUCA
  • Lock Groove (Out)LIQUID LIQUID
  • -0--0-
  • Canadee-i-o(Penguin Eggs)NIC JONES
  • Up The Road Somewhere Blues(Out On The Open West)FRANK FAIRFIELD
  • Sad Dark Eyes(Two Of Diamonds)MICK HARVEY
  • Willin'(selftitled)LITTLE FEAT
  • 0--00--0
  • Galoshes(Going Down Swinging #25)COOKnKITCH with SETTLE DOWN SOUND SYSTEM
  • Do Right Woman-Do Right Man(I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You)ARETHA FRANKLIN
  • I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down(title track)SAM & DAVE
  • >0<>0<
  • Mary, Mary So Contrary(Monster Movie)CAN
  • Papa's Got A Brand New PigbagPIGBAG

About this program

Sinatra to Zappa skirting the Middle East to the MidWest.

Intro Theme: Harvey's Tune - AL KOOPER, STEPHEN STILLS & MIKE BLOOMFIELD (Super Session)