Playlist for Frank – 28 September 2018
  • Killing Him(Anchors & Anvils)AMY LAVERE
  • 0-0o-o
  • Off To See The Hangman Pt 2(You Never Were Much of a Dancer)GWENIFER RAYMOND
  • My Soul's Full of Glory(Ballads & Songs From The Appalachians)HEDY WEST
  • Sweet Is The Melody(My Life)IRIS DEMENT
  • Blue Nile(Abyssinia Rise EP)TE'AMIR
  • **0****0**
  • The Very Thing That Makes You Rich, Makes Me Poor(Bop Till You Drop)RY COODER
  • Sunday(Good Ciitizens)CASH SAVAGE & THE LAST DRINKS
  • La Pueusta Del Sol(Soul Sacrifice)SANTANA
  • x0xx0x
  • My Heart Belongs To DaddyEartha Kitt
  • Cry To me(Betty Harris: The Lost Soul Queen)BETTY HARRIS
  • Sad Little GirlLes McCann
  • Mi Hermano (Martin Freeman & Eddie Piller Present Jazz On The Corner)BLUE MITCHELL
  • xx0xxxx0xx
  • Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden, and it's winter(Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It's All Over It Is Now)THE DENTISTS
  • Anti-love SongBetty Davis
  • Demo Girl(The Church of Simultaneous Existence)THE AINTS
  • Itchycoo ParkSMALL FACES
  • -_--_-
  • Cosmic Boy(Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air)INCREDIBLE STRING BAND
  • Trinkle, Trinkle(Thelonious Monk Trio)THELONIOUS MONK
  • Exotic Functions(A Taste of TG: A Beginner's Guide To Throbbing Gristle)THROBBING GRISTLE
  • Where The Sea Stops Moving(Across The Meridian)PRAM
  • 00-
  • Ascending Bird(Silent City)KAYHAN KALHOR & BROOKLYN RIDER

About this program

Sinatra to Zappa skirting the Middle East to the MidWest.

Intro Theme: Harvey's Tune - AL KOOPER, STEPHEN STILLS & MIKE BLOOMFIELD (Super Session)