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Listen to Everyday People – 28 September 202102:00:0028 September 2021

This week's episode featured tracks from A Tribe Called Quest, Critter Records Demos 1 Compilation, Lava La Rue, Ego Ella May, Myst Milano, J.R.C.G., Thanya Iyer and Let Your Hair Down.

Playlist for Everyday People – 28 September 2021
  • Buggin OutA Tribe Called Quest
  • Check the RhimeA Tribe Called Quest
  • JazzA Tribe Called Quest
  • Free My PeopleGreentea Peng
  • G.O.Y.D.Lava La Rue
  • 24-7 ft. Ego Ella MayNubiyan Twist
  • Girls Don't Always Sing About BoysEgo Ella May
  • Marie AntoinetteCarpet Burn
  • Iron MountainAlien Nosejob
  • Day In The TubMuma Ganoush
  • Ghost ShipDr Sure’s Unusual Practice
  • Strange CopElectric Toothbrush
  • Learner In An AlphaMOD CON
  • RainbowJ.R.C.G.
  • I TriedDamaged Bug
  • Dead FriendsParty Dozen
  • Tasty RapsDijahSB
  • Orbital Motionsewonee
  • Oh Boymyst milano
  • In A Few (instrumental)K, Le Maestro
  • Byzantine WayMalci
  • I Forget to Drink Water (Balance)Thanya Iyer
  • LunchMikey Young
  • BF HolidayLet Your Hair Down
  • New Year, New Me (Who Dis?)Let Your Hair Down
  • Riviera DeluxeLet Your Hair Down

About this program

Growing up on a steady diet of hip hop and punk, Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung and Wiradjuri woman, Vanessa Morris, will bring you a range of jams spanning between the two and beyond.