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Playlist for Dropout Boogie – 1 November 2019
  • KraftneauKosmetika
  • Don't GoSaD
  • Space Time MotionJennifer Vanilla
  • Solar BounceLuen
  • Pass You In The NightErasers
  • Heavy Words (Felicity Groom Remix)Erasers
  • The Expected But Absent StepAlex Mcfarlane
  • Tongue KissingLittle Dragon
  • Night Habit (Sui Zhen Remix)GL
  • Addicted30/70`
  • Spare Me The TimeZoe Fox & The Rocket Clocks
  • Heat you up (melt you down)Shirley Lites
  • yobantotie mojoOtoboke Beaver
  • C'monStonefield
  • Hey MihoUte Root
  • I Still Call This Punk Scene My HomeAlien Nosejob
  • RadianceArafura
  • Parsonage SquareKaputt
  • Moana LisaAmaringo
  • Ikea DreamingHouse Deposit
  • Unexpected PlansProgram
  • Elpho BenchThe Stevens
  • Planted a ThoughtArthur Russell
  • House DepositHouse Deposit
  • GatheringsKikagaku Moyo
  • Two Things At Once (Part 1)Uranium Club
  • Too MuchBad Bangs
  • Too MuchAusecuma Beats
  • Tell Me Why / Jupiter BoogieHoney
  • K SongTram Cops

About this program

Dropout and get loose on your Friday night with Zara. You'll hear tracks from past to present, local and far away; from sweaty punk to crisp pop. Start your weekend the right way and get freaky on a Friday!