Summer 19/20 Image Square

Presented by Peter Outlier

Playlist for Cool Change – 8 January 2020
  • Cool ChangePeter Westheimer
  • Music for Log FiresJeremy Dower
  • Changeable WeatherBloq
  • Scatter Frost Like AshesB(if)tek
  • MeltingAurora
  • That Sunset Was IntenseWarp Factor 9
  • Sun Music 26 (All Machines)Ernie Althoff
  • Sea Breeze SapphireJeremy Dower
  • Soft ServeJohn Watermann
  • Distant EmbersSocial Interiors
  • Barren GroundDavid Sudmalis and Andy Rantzen
  • Heatwave OSTCameron Allan
  • Heat StrokeFlat Static
  • The HeatJohn French & David Herzog
  • One Armed Sun AscendingSeed
  • After the RainSleep D and Albrecht La Brooy

About this program

Locally leaning music, summer motifs, and hopefully temperature drops.
Hosted by Peter Tantanis