Brutal Realms Program Image
Playlist for Brutal Realms – 14 March 2023
  • Face Ripped OffSanguisugabog
  • Burden of Flesh and BoneHulder
  • Children of DeliriumMunt
  • Southern DiscomfortNephalem
  • The WatcherArch Enemy
  • Return us to the StarsMammon's Throne
  • Astral RealmGhost Smoker
  • The Awakening of the Majestic DarknessMalignant Altar
  • SacrificeKVLL
  • Wizard in BlackElectric Wizard
  • Mind's EyeAcid King
  • HelionomiconUlthar
  • MegalomaniaChurch of Misery
  • MessiahBong Coffin
  • Enhancing the Dead - LiveUndeath

About this program

Music that sounds like a dying sun collapsing upon itself, sending you on a voyage through space and time.