Playlist for Banana Lounge Broadcasting – 5 November 2019
  • Eternal JourneyRamsey Lewis
  • AquariusRamsey Lewis
  • HutYugoslav Attack
  • BlackwoodYugoslav Attack
  • DesireFirst Beige
  • DetailsFirst Beige
  • PhaseMildlife
  • Bus To DundasCheddar Road Band
  • TravelRoutines
  • Keeping Up With YesterdayLost Ragas
  • People FunnyLost Ragas
  • Hear MeDonovans Brain
  • My Foolish Heart Gary Burton
  • Angel EyesHoward Roberts
  • The Rites Of SpringHubert Laws
  • Crying SongHubert Laws
  • Dead AirClaire Birchall
  • Feels like yesterdayUnderground Lovers
  • Backstreet GirlDon Nix

About this program

Dave Graney presents BLB with each week, promising dashes of "old time weirdness" and lashings of contemporry (mainly Australian) sounds. BLB recognises that everybody is right about music but BLB is just MORE RIGHT. RIGHTER. RIGHT OFF. BLB is proudly on the grid but also very much capable of being OFF THE GRID. Playing lots of contemporary Australian music by young and old artists. May contain traces of JAZZ. Aiming to have interviews and guests regularly from the arts, literary, film, comedy and music world.