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Listen to Banana Lounge Broadcasting – 9 May 202302:00:009 May 2023
Playlist for Banana Lounge Broadcasting – 9 May 2023
  • 100% NaturalMARCEL BORRACK
  • Shampooed & ReadyMarcel Borrack
  • Mysterious River SnakeThe Sweet Enoughs
  • Upwey FunkThe Bamboos
  • King of DisappointmentJem Cassar-Daley
  • Eternal SummerSkybelly
  • Charming HostThe Holy Soul
  • SnowCatherine MCQuaid
  • Bye Bye Country BoyBlossom Dearie
  • beware of young girlsdory previn
  • Love's out to lunchAnnette Peacock
  • my mama never taught me how to cookAnnette Peacock
  • In the beginning was the worldLisa Gerrard
  • SpellboundSiouxsie & the Banshees
  • When the Rodeo is OverTanya Tucker
  • Shake itStephen Cummings
  • Lost YachtBlake County & The Modern Proletariats
  • She's ColdEstelle Conley
  • 7th BoogieThe Silversound
  • KokoCharlie Parker
  • Drifting on a reedCharlie Parker
  • Drifting Donna ReedDave Graney and Claire Moore
  • MistyDon Byas

About this program

Dave Graney presents BLB with each week, promising dashes of "old time weirdness" and lashings of contemporry (mainly Australian) sounds. BLB recognises that everybody is right about music but BLB is just MORE RIGHT. RIGHTER. RIGHT OFF. BLB is proudly on the grid but also very much capable of being OFF THE GRID. Playing lots of contemporary Australian music by young and old artists. May contain traces of JAZZ. Aiming to have interviews and guests regularly from the arts, literary, film, comedy and music world.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/BananaLoungeBroadcasting/