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Playlist for Babeloguing – 6 January 2022
  • Dark DaysYard Act
  • The WheelIDLES
  • Lemon MemoryMenace Beach
  • ChipperPost War Glamour Girls
  • StantonSport Team
  • PeanutsYard Act
  • One Man PartyTwin Atlantic
  • People Are PeopleDEPECHE MODE
  • Time For You To Stand UpTwin Atlantic
  • Planet EarthDuran Duran
  • Drunk GirlsLCD Soundsystem
  • Bang The GongTwin Atlantic
  • LingDes Airs
  • StuckAnd The Native Hipsters
  • A Modern LessonAksak Moboul
  • AlmenrauschBergraum
  • ChallengedBona Dish
  • Chains and PolymersBound and Gagged
  • Tu Doch Nicht SoCarambolage
  • Mona LisaCome On
  • My ClownEla Eis
  • TwinMinistry of Marriage
  • Who'll Come WalkingHermine
  • Herpes SimplexRosa Yemen
  • BrotherOh OK
  • Madame Richardson iiiEteon Fou Leloublan
  • You Taste Like The TropicsBush Tetras

About this program

Celebrating B sides of the ages. Highlighting forgotten bands, lost tracks and underground legends past and present. Take a dive into the deep end of the musical realm. Expect the unexpected, and enjoy the journey.