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Listen to Why Australia must stop turning a blind eye to our own black deaths & Media Framing of the issue37:193 June 2020

Hayden Moon, proud queer Wiradjuri Brotherboy and co-founder of Trans Action Warrang, chats to Areej about their piece for Junkee, Australia Must Stop Turning A Blind Eye To Our Own Black Deaths.

Areej is also joined by Assistant Professor of Journalism, Equality and Diversity at the University of Minnesota, Danielle K. Kilgo to discuss her piece for The Conversation titled Riot or Resistance? How media frames unrest in Minneapolis will shape public's view of protest.
Also included in this podcast is Areej’s candid opening monologue about the underlying philosophy of The Rap, the worth of black life within the structures of white supremacy, why black people need specific media platforms, Aboriginal deaths in custody, and why Australia should step up.

The Rap is hosted by Areej Nur.

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