Listen to Queer View Mirror Highbrow Hour47:076 September 2023

Hosts Hamish McLachlan and Sam Elkin are joined by 3 guests on this self proclaimed 'Posh Edition' of Queer View Mirror.

Jarad Bruinstroop join the team to speak about his debut poetry collection "Reliefs" that speaks to his experience as a gay man growing up in and immediately after Bjelke-Peterson's Queensland, and reads some of his works from this collection.

Professor Ben Campkin, who teaches Urbanism & Urban History at the University College of London, speaks about his book "Queer Premises: LGBTQ+ Venues in London Since the 1980s" and its launch event at the Vic Pride Centre.

Coady Green also joins the team to speak about queerness in classical music and specifically classical music composition, and "Tempo Queer', an ongoing event run by Coady, that shines a light on queer composers and performers of classical music.

About this program

A queer and trans talk show.