Listen to Pete Foley, Scott Ford, Patrick Abboud, and John Richards43:4015 March 2023

Pete Foley and Scott Ford, founders of game development studio Fuzzy Ghost, discuss their upcoming game Janet DeMornay Is A Slumlord (and a witch) that's set in a queer sharehouse and talk about their callout for real-life rental horror stories and the political message of the game. Patrick Abboud, an award-winning Investigative journalist, documentary director, and tv and radio host, discusses the podcast he hosts called The Greatest Menace which focuses on Australia's only gay prison. John Richards, Festival Director of Bendigo Pride, discusses creating a festival for 'the quiet queers' and the many offerings at Bendigo Pride 2023.

With presenters Sam Elkin and Hamish McLachlan

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A queer and trans talk show.