Listen to Rebecca Jennings, Mykaela Saunders, Timmah Ball & Merryana Salem48:3024 August 2022

Professor Rebecca Jennings, editor of 'Between Me and Myself: a memoir of muder, desire, and my struggle to be free', discusses the extraordinary life of the late Sandra Wilson, and how 1960s cultural attitudes around lesbianism and mental illness converged within the medical and incarceration systems to affect Wilson. Then, Mykaela Saunders, editor of 'This All Come Back Now: An anthology of first nations speculative fiction' joins the show alongside two contributors to the anthology, Timmah Ball and Merryana Salem. They discuss what speculative fiction is, the beauty and contrast of anthologies and how they allow for sharing multiple perspectives, and Merryana Salem gives a short reading. With presenters Sam Elkin and Gemma Cafarella.

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