Listen to Radiothon Special with Melissa Cranenburgh and Fiona Scott-Norman41:3830 August 2023

For Literati Glitterati’s 2023 Radiothon Special, Mel is joined in the studio by Triple R legends, Melissa Cranenburgh and Fiona Scott-Norman.

In this weeks episode, you will get to know a little more about the voices you may have heard on the airwaves in years gone by. They discuss their favourite moments as Triple R broadcasters, the added benefits of subscribing (like meeting your life partner, as Fiona and Kate both did), and Mel treats us to some archival audio... strap in and enjoy!

About this program

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Each book will be announced a month out from the special, so that you can read along at home. On the last Wednesday of every month, tune into Literati Glitterati from midday till 1pm with your thoughts and feelings ready: we’ll be taking questions through the text line.

Literati Glitterati Salon: a monthly book club for folks who like a good story, well told.

NEXT MONTH'S BOOK: All Fours by Miranda July.