Listen to 11th Koorie Art Show and INDIGINERD30:1018 December 2023

On this episode on Banksia, we hear from Tom Mosby, CEO of Koorie Heritage Trust and oganiser of the Koorie Artshow, and Cienan Muir, founder and organiser of INDIGINERD, a community of First Nations gamers, streamesr, comic fans, and all things Indigenous & nerdy.

Tom Mosby talks about the 11th Annual Koorie Artshow, held at the Birrarung Building, and the importance and history of the event.

Cienan Muir talks about the importance of having space for First Nations people in the world of gaming, streamers, gamer groups, Indigenous Comic Con, as well as the upcoming events for INDIGINERD.

Hosted by Kiwat Kennell

About this program

A show celebrating First Nations music, arts and culture.