Photo Gallery: See How DJ Peril Created The Ghost Mural

19 August 2019

Had you passed by the Triple R building last Friday, aka the first day of Radiothon, you may have noticed someone up a ladder with a can of spraypaint... That person? DJ Peril, founder of 1200 Techniques, who wanted to pay tribute to The Ghost in the form of a mural on our garage door.

We were stoked that Peril was keen to honour Triple R's elder Stephen Walker in this way. It also seemed especially fitting that Peril should paint the mural on Friday; he even finished just in time for The Cave, Woody McDonald's show named after Stephen's Skull Cave. (Do check out the array of Skull Cave audio archive highlights over this way.)

Some even more nice news: RRR volunteer shutterbug Clara Slewa was there to capture snaps of the whole mural-making process.

Peril Mural 1
Peril Mural 2
Peril Mural 3
Peril Mural 4
Peril Mural 5
Peril Mural 6
Peril Mural 7