Photo Gallery: Radiothon 2019 – Part 1

19 August 2019

We may only be a few days into Radiothon, but we've already made a stack of ace memories. From Zero-G's phenomenal costumes to phoneroom funtimes, Radiothon is quite simply the most heart-warming time of year. Cop a squiz at a handful of the moments so far just below. Make it all the more awesome and give us a bell on (03) 9388 1027 to subscribe! (You can also do it online in a flash.)

Radiothon Decorations

The decorations committee take a well-earned rest.

Woody Mural

Woody strikes a pose moments before hitting the airwaves.

Radiothon 2019 cake

Herbert Hahn carries on the tradition of bringing in a Radiothon-themed cake. Thank you, Herbert!

Marinara Radiothon 2019

That wet and salty Marinara crew bring out some ripper costumes for the occasion.

Still Here Radiothon 2019

Still Here's Neil Morris and Paul Gorrie: in the Radiothon zone.

Radiothon 2019 cupcakes

More sweet treats! These ones come from Radio Marinara's Bron Burton. How great are they?!

JVG Radiothon 2019 Setlist

One Radiothon episode of JVG Radio Method down, one to go. Check out Jon's setlist... and excited face to match!

Radiothon 2019 Teenage Hate

Radiothon: game on! Tim Scott and Christina Pap from Teenage Hate show us how it's done.

Radiothon 2019 Mixed Signals

HNYMLK's second Radiothon. Let's hear it for Mixed Signals!

Radiothon 2019

Zero-G never fail to impress on the costume front...

Breakfasters During Radiothon 2019

These champs, always serving up the Radiothon goods during Breakfasters.

Dan Dare Radiothon 2019

A sneaky Monsieur Dan Dare, popping up for his first Radiothon 2019 show. We love ya, mate.

Biggsy Radiothon 2019

Cheers, Biggsy! Doing an ace job during Radiothon, as always.

Steve Cross and John Bailey during Radiothon 2019

Name a more iconic duo: Steve Cross from Beat Orgy and John Bailey Stolen Moments. FYI they're keeping up the Radiothon tradition of crossing over during each other's shows for 'Stolen Orgy'. Nice, hey?