On-Air Tributes Flow For Andrew Weatherall

24 February 2020

Last week the sad news came through that Andrew Weatherall passed away at 56.

So many Triple R broadcasters have paid tribute to the iconic DJ and producer, and together they cover the scope of Weatherall’s influence. Stream Systa BB’s tribute to learn about his connections to dub and hear some of his more obscure recordings; listen to Vaughan’s entire episode of Double Bounce for a survey of both Weatherall’s work and artists he inspired; check out Steve Cross’ epic two hours of “maximum Weatherall”; or catch up on How High The Moon, where Dan also celebrates the “bastion of the English underground music scene” (we even get treated to a full-hour of Weatherall mixing, circa 1996). Then cue up Woody’s convo with Alan McGee, and sneak in tributes from Simon Winkler on Breaking And Entering, Steve Wide on Far And Wide, Emerald Cowell on Tomorrow Never Knows, and Jonathan Alley on Under The Sun.

This is by no means all of the on-air tributes to Weatherall... there have been others, and word has it there are more to come! Keep an ear out, and enjoy this abundance of specials in the meantime.

Andrew Weatherall

Photo by Tom McShane (Creative Commons)