April Amnesty 2023


April Amnesty 2023



Meet Jazz Feldy

14 January 2019

Hey there Jazz,

Tell us a bit about yourself: what do you get up to on a day-to-day basis?

I’m a designer so I spend a lot of my day in front of a computer. Other than that, hanging out with family and pals, seeing bands and thinking about what to eat next.

What first sparked your love of music?

My grandfather was a presenter on community radio for more than 40 years, he even had a full recording studio set up in their house! I would go over and listen to music and learn about the equipment. We’d also go to record stores and the library together to find new music for his shows. I think the first thing I was allowed to borrow for myself was a New Kids On The Block cassette! Such taste.

Where did the idea for Good Fortune come from?

We are incredibly lucky to have so many talented women and gender diverse artists making music and contributing to our community, now and throughout history. The idea was to create a space to celebrate them, and to promote diversity and representation of these wonderful artists on the air.

What’s a typical show going to involve?

Lots of music from around the world, new and old. Interviews. Listeners discovering their new favourite band!

How do you go about finding new tunes?

All the usual places I guess. I also travel a bit with work, so I do a lot of nerdy research beforehand to find record stores and shows to go to in that city. That way I can hopefully come across music I may not have found here.

What defines a cracker track in your view?

Good question. I think you just know in your gut. Trust your gut!

What’s your best non-radio-related skill?

Karaoke? Although my friends may disagree. Also very comprehensive Google Maps for travelling (as mentioned above). Hit me up if you want to know where to eat and buy records or comics, I’m your gal.

Favourite dance move?

The pony!

You’re a sucker for delicious food. Where’s the best place to eat in Melbourne right now?

This is the hardest question yet. I have a few... Half Moon Cafe (The Sunflower with hot sauce), Sonido! (Ropa Vieja arepas), Aunty Franklee (Char Keuy Teow/Beef Ribs) and Savanna (everything).

What else should we know about you?

I’m really good at Street Fighter II.

Thanks so much!