Behind The Scenes: Your Station In Isolation

20 April 2020

In order to continue broadcasting in the current circumstances, Triple R has been doing a whole bunch of work to allow presenters to broadcast from home. It’s been a huge effort on the part of the IT team and training coordinators (massive congrats, you lot!), and show-makers from across the grid have concocted clever methods by which to keep bringing us the programs we know and love. Scroll down to take a peek at various presenters in their home studio set-ups – and check back here for more soon!

Geraldine and Jazz broadcasting in isolation

Breakfasters' Geraldine Hickey and Good Fortune host Jazz Feldy.

Supplied by Broadcasters

Graney and Moore broadcasting from home

Clare Moore and Dave Graney performing live from home during Banana Lounge Broadcasting.

Sam Cummins and Daniel James broadcasting from home

Sam Cummins doing the first-ever remote broadcasting during Room With A View and The Mission's Daniel James in his Docklands home studio.

Off The Record home studio

Brian Wise's home set-up for broadcasting Off The Record in sunny Murrumbeena.

Annaliese home studio

Annaliese from Neon Sunset bringing together a killer set from her home DIY studio.

Zara broadcasting from home 2

DJ Zara is in the house! Well, her house. Broadcasting Friday night tunes on Dropout Boogie.

Aisha broadcasting from home

Aisha Pachoud, host of Mystifying Melbourne, continues sharing spooky and unusual tales on our airwaves from Chez Pachoud.

Millu home studio

Think you’ve seen a badarse home studio? Not till you’ve seen Millu’s, you haven’t... Catch up with the Full Circle host from midnight on Mondays for your weekly transmission of cerebral ambient selections and leftfield electronics, through to dance-floor ready bass and breaks.

Mia Timpano remote broadcasting Requiem For A Scream

Mia keeps it simple for remote broadcasting Requiem For A Scream, using only a laptop, Zoom recorder, and her insatiable appetite for consciousness-obliterating brutality.

Ennio Styles broadcasting from home

Here's host of Stylin' Ennio Styles remote broadcasting in a smooth and groovy fashion from home... with his cat Autumn!

Daniel Burt and Tim Thorpe remote broadcasting set ups

And the award for the most adorable remote broadcasting set-up goes to Breakfasters’ Daniel Burt. How bloody cute is Gabriel, aka Chub-fish?! Thanks for keeping the community radio vibes super-strong with the merch, too, little one. On the right: the ever-cool Tim Thorpe, host of Vital Bits, shares his home studio. Nice mug!

Zero G broadcasting from home

Zero-G: beaming to you from afar! And you thought Rob Jan only dressed up for Radiothon...

Photo by Gail Adams

Dan Dare in isolation

Dan Dare presenting How High The Moon... from a pretty amazing home studio!

Tristen Harris in isolation

And then Tristen Harris, host of The Golden Age Of Piracy, goes and takes the bedroom studio to a whole other level. Bravo, Tristen!

Photo by Ruth Liston