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Panic/Desire is the latest LP from Simona Castricum, a producer, performer, DJ and architecture academic who’s been elevating dancefloors and minds for over 20 years. The album is a document of days and nights immersed in synthwave, techno, electronic pop and driving dance beats. "Panic/Desire is the soundtrack to my experiences of the city as a gender nonconforming person; songs about how I move and navigate through the city in the night; how I find a place of belonging — somewhere between my fears and desires." Simona expertly guides us through these tensions and intersections, between the present and the future, through struggle and beyond resistance. With her cinematic synths, anthemic beats and insightful lyrics, Simona creates a timeless set with the power to unite any dancefloor and heighten any playlist.

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Simona Castricum - Panic Desire


Simona Castricum