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'The Real Work' is the third album from Party Dozen, the Sydney duo of Kirsty Tickle and Jonathan Boulet. Both are master musicians who embrace chaos and radiate control as they blaze through a mix of hardcore, metal, no-wave, industrial, hardcore, free jazz, and more.

‘The Iron Boot’ is an incendiary opener, inspired by the bands' love of sludge and doom bands like Sleep, and Sabbath. 'Risky Business' closes the album on a more meditative note, evoking luxurious library record grooves and soundtrack scores.

While mostly instrumental in nature, the album does feature Tickle's heavily distorted vocals on certain tracks. There's also a very notable contribution from Nick Cave on 'Macca The Mutt'.

Party Dozen have said "the concept of work was a big influence on this record. Tedious, redundant and energy sapping, but also rewarding, gainful and glorious. For us, this record is more about the rewards of effort and how work can be a chisel for betterment."

Expertise is everywhere in the precision engineering of this record. Fortunately, we get to sit back and simply enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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Party Dozen - The Real Work

The Real Work

Party Dozen