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Good Souls Better Angels is the latest album from acclaimed musician, and multiple Grammy Award winner, Lucinda Williams. Speaking recently with Brian Wise on Off The Record, Williams describes the range of influences and traditions that helped to shape the album – these are songs that draw upon blues, punk, country and rock and roll. Good Souls Better Angels contains stories of strength, kindness and compassion, alongside character portraits of “fools and thieves and clowns and hypocrites” on songs like Bad News Blues. "They're kind of harder to write than a love song," Lucinda tells Brian, about the political themes behind some lyrics, "but I always want to write the kind of songs that Bob Dylan wrote." Williams recorded the album in Nashville with her touring band, Buick 6, in concentrated bursts, live in the studio.

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Lucinda Williams - Good Souls Better Angels

Good Souls Better Angels

Lucinda Williams