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Kim Gordon, co-founder of the influential band Sonic Youth, has released her second solo LP, "The Collective." The album is a collaboration with producer Justin Raisen, also known for his work with artists such as Charli XCX, Lil Yachty, and John Cale. "The Collective" builds upon the foundation of Gordon's 2019 debut, "No Home Record," with elements of experimental hip-hop, and industrial music. 

Opener, "Bye Bye," sets the tone. Gordon's spoken-word vocals recite a list of everyday household items over a distorted, trap-influenced beat - an instrumental originally intended for rapper Playboi Carti. This blend of the mundane and the abrasive continues across the record. Gordon's lyrics, and Raisen's production, capture the anxieties of a digital age with humour and a feeling of unease.

Songs like "I'm A Man" and "Shelf Warmer" find Gordon confronting consumerism, masculinity, technology and absurdity in modern life, amidst an immersive mix of heavy rock, shoegaze, and electronic music. The album's sound grows more menacing as it goes, with tracks like "The Believers" and "Dream Dollar" building to intense climaxes of distorted guitars and noise.

With "The Collective," Kim Gordon continues her trailblazing run in music. It's a thrilling document of our turbulent times, and of Gordon's singular ability to innovate and provoke.

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Kim Gordon - The Collective

The Collective

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