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Made For This is the debut album from JK-47, also known as Jacob Paulson, a proud Gudjinburra man of the Bundjalung nation. The celebrated hip hop artist and dancer has honed his craft over many years, writing and performing from the age of 14. Prior to this release, Paulson has appeared in groups such as ECB (East Coast Brotherhood) with his siblings, as well as Kinship Collective and Gratis Minds. Made For This demonstrates JK-47's forceful and insightful lyricism. Songs examine the legacy of colonisation, racial inequality and intergenerational trauma for First Nations people. And throughout the record Paulson celebrates community, identity, and family, reflecting on his own recent parenthood. Joining JK-47 on Made For This are brothers Chiggz and Nate-G, with production from Jay Orient, HAZY and Nerve, who contribute timeless, soul-infused tracks spanning golden-era boom-bap and modern beat-craft.

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JK-47 Made For This

Made For This