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‘Rhinestones’ is the latest album by Melbourne duo HTRK, comprising Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang. The arrangements are sparse and spellbinding, with layers of guitar, voice, drum machines, and subtle filtered effects.

HTRK have spoken of a shared interest in “eerie and gothic country music” whilst writing the new record. There's undertones of plaintive-folk and Americana-noir across the album.

Jonnine and Nigel also refer to a central theme of friendship running through 'Rhinestones'. Songs like 'Fast Friend' and 'Gilbert and George', for instance, explore ideas of telepathy and trust.

Rhinestones is the first HTRK LP to be released on their newly formed N&J Blueberries label. It's an extraordinary collection of spectral songcraft, languid laments, and downtempo vignettes.

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HTRK - Rhinestones