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Dreamer is the second full length album from UK electronic producer-songwriter, radio broadcaster and curator Nabihah Iqbal, out now on Ninja Tune via Inertia Music. 

Dreamer is the result of a tumultuous few years for Iqbal that saw her studio broken into with two years worth of music lost, followed by a sudden trip to Pakistan after the death of her grandfather, resulting in an extended stay due to the COVID lockdowns. 

What followed was a musical response to the trauma of that period, resulting in a collection of crucial songs that feel both poignant and sparkling all at once. Iqbal achieves a sort of musical catharsis through her unique blend of haunting dream pop, ambient soundscapes and hypnotic dance rhythms, which coalesce into a sound that expertly references musical history while slyly circumventing nostalgia. 

The brilliant conceit of Dreamer is its ability to envelop you in its familiarity, while patiently building a patchwork of new sounds that emphasise emotional release – giving the music the sort of depth and richness only possible through the deft hand of someone with Iqbal's knowledge and prowess.

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Nabihah Iqbal