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Audrey Powne's debut album, "From the Fire," is a captivating mix of soul-jazz, classical music, and hip-hop that showcases her remarkable skills as a composer, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist. The songs were inspired by the regrowth of native trees after the devastating 2019 Australian bushfires, as well as Powne's personal experiences, leading her to explore themes of rebirth, healing, and survival.

Powne's classical and jazz background shines through in her writing process, which usually starts with piano or keyboard compositions before incorporating other elements. The album feels cohesive, like a soundtrack, thanks to recurring melodic and harmonic themes that tie together vocal-led songs, instrumental interludes, and intricate string arrangements.

In terms of style and structure, "From the Fire" takes cues from the powerful lyricism of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and Roy Hargrove's "Hardgroove," a record that greatly influenced Powne as a young trumpeter. Powne and engineer Russell Fawcus recorded the album at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne, using the studio's roomy acoustics to capture a rich, spacious sound that adds depth and complexity to the songs.

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Audrey Powne - From The Fire

From The Fire

Audrey Powne