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'Follow The Sun' has a specific focus: the lesser known and under-appreciated music of Australian folk and rock in the 1970s. Like all great compilations which examine a particular time and place in music history, this collection is a complete revelation. Each song offers insight into the range, originality and talents of songwriters at work across the country during the decade. Various tracks reference styles of the era, but contain sounds and ideas outside of the mainstream. Others seem beamed from an alternate timeline of pop, chart toppers from a parallel dimension slightly stranger than our own. 'Follow The Sun' is compiled by deep-digging music enthusiasts Mikey Young (well known for his own singular musical output) and Keith Abrahamsson (Founder and Head of A&R at Anthology Recordings and Mexican Summer). Triple R’s own Lewis Fidock also contributes several tracks, drawing from his collection the only known 7” copy of Dave Douglas’ single 'Follow the Sun'.  Archival photos, an illuminating personal essay from Mikey, and original artwork by James Vinciguerra offer even more layers to explore in this essential release.

Various Artists - Follow The Sun

Follow The Sun

Various Artists