WVR BVBY, Jazz Party, 30/70 collective, Barney McAll, Godtet, Laneous, Mohi...


8:00 pmSaturday, 15 February 2020



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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15th February 2020

Full GASOMETER takeover featuring:


Jazz Party

30/70 collective

Barney McAll



Mohi, Ijale x thedieyoungs x Horatio Luna & Thomass

I Hold The Lion's Paw

Plug Seven & Foreign Brothers DJs

Australia 2020. End of a decade. The experimental and irrepressible community of musicians making up the jazz, soul, groove music scene have worked on this new offering set to blow your mind. 

The 2LP compilation entitled Seven Wonders was born out of an idea to capture the sound of some the artists at the centre of that scene: a 14-track snapshot of the young jazz community showcasing its energy and sheer creativity. 

Plug Seven Records, Wondercore Island, Foreign Bros are proud to present the incredible line up for this epic body of work: From the experimental powerhouse that is Sydney based band Godtet, to the jazz synth wildness of Barney McAll & friends.., Stretching out with the not to be missed 30/70 collective, to the deep horn groove of Melbourne prog jazz warriors WVR BVBY. From the deep experimental stylings of I Hold the Lions Paw, to the funk hip hop jazz of Mohi, Ijale x the dieyoungs & Horatio Luna... And of course the smooth, the superlative, the R&B soul jazz magic of the Jazz Party. On to the creamy punk exotica jazz funk of Laneous…and not the least, a sweet entourage of our favourite DJ’s mixing the whole night up into a not to be missed celebration of all the things we love about our music scene.

Come join us for a night of beautiful music, with an all time line up. You know it!

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