Voice Imitator,Diva Danger & Harris,Schofield FRONT BAR Paper Tapir ,The Sunken Sea ,Fuzz Meadows UPSTAIRS


7:00 pmThursday, 14 February 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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paper tapir bringin you the lineup that will smooch away at your tiny heart this valentines day.  if you're as lonely as we are come n hang and we can shout together and have a big lonely dance.

// paper tapir //
"No definite article, no plural. Like their name, they are one of a kind. They play original songs about the complexity, the simplicity and the strangeness of contemporary life. Direct and raw lyrics, underscored by melodious, swirling guitar and anchoring bass and drums, Paper Tapir both surprise and delight". - Bab Morley

// the sunken sea //
The Sunken Sea creates music with sincerity and soul that makes your heart swell. Led by the turbulent lyrics and powerful baritone vocals of songwriter and bassist Dougal James, they forge syrupy harmonies and intricate rhythms that evolve and undulate in powerful and unexpected ways.

// fuz meadows //
Fuzz Meadows! They're Now! They're Wow! They're Pow! Come get down to see this instrumental heavy psych trio and try to dance to their odd time signatures! (if you dare)

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