Trio Grande, DJ Chips and Salad


6:00 pmSaturday, 27 November 2021


Edinburgh Castle Hotel

681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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This hot little unit makes the groove and sits right in it. Trio Grande featuring Jane Hilson (vocals), Brian Fitzgerald (guitar) and Mike St Clair Miller (upright bass) has an energy that lights the room and a vibe that fills your heart. Early Americana, Rhythm n Blues, and Soul music delivered with sensitivity, musicality and joy. Like an open fire, these guys cook beautifully in the corner and fill the room with ambience, warmth and a red hot groove. Come feel the glow.


Indie miserablism meets party hip hop. Kraut, synth-pop, leftfield house, two Beyonce records, and a bunch of alt hits and memories - New Years eve 1991 on repeat. Like if Jive Bunny did the Stranger Things soundtrack. Good fun.

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