TEKWANI, CIRCLE PERSON (Single Launch), The New Dregs, Oven Gloves


8:30 pmThursday, 12 December 2019


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Circle Person are bringing the jams to Bar Open. The dynamic trio will provide a healthy combo of intricate rhythms and hard-hitting riffage that is guaranteed to satisfy any and all of your musical cravings. The night will also mark the release of their first single "The Thought Of Me Too" from the long awaited upcoming album.

The New Dregs are playing second on the bill, serving up a unique blend of tongue-in-cheek art rock and post-punk, laced with visceral riffs and hypnotic grooves.

Oven Gloves will be kicking off the night with some rock music. They usually play guitars and hit drums loudly, but sometimes softly and sometimes moderately.

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