Tammy Haider


4:00 pmSunday, 20 November 2022


Edinburgh Castle Hotel

681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Tammy Haider’s voice has a distinct authenticity. Reaching into the subconscious, giving sound to experiences and emotional states that resonate at a cellular level. This is music charged with honesty and humour that is ultimately grounded in the hope that music can be a vehicle for meaningful change. Amidst an unfiltered play of vocals and a nylon string guitar, with her characteristic candour and casual depth, Haider shares poetic musings on the glory and grit of human life.

Some cheese is edgy with a bite. Some cheese is smooth and creamy. Some cheese is cultured, others, not so much.

In some cheese, the microbes have been dancing the tango! What do you get when you put it all together? chEEsEs. Cheeses is the latest from long term musical collaborators Jane McCracken and Eva Sommerfeld (The Foots). Lo-fi electro sounds, guitar and bass combined with quirky song writing and on point vocal harmonies. This is what happens when two people just keep on making music together!

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