Sweet Whirl, Sarah Mary Chadwick


6:30 pmWednesday, 27 January 2021


Malthouse Theatre

113 Sturt Street Southbank VIC 3006

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If it's a good song, Sweet Whirl can dance real fine to it. Previously a player in Melbourne duo Superstar and the beloved outfit Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Esther Edquist proves, with her solo project, that she is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter at the top of her game.

Sweet Whirl emerged in 2019 with a string of hotly watched releases, before dropping How Much Works, her debut album. Released through the thoughtful indie stalwarts at Chapter Music, it's a record that confidently carved out a space where beauty triumphs over bleakness and the personal becomes universal.

Tender but never precious, the songs on 'How Much Works' are the love-addled confessions of a seasoned party girl, covering intimate emotional terrain and nodding to the influence of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Jean-Paul Sartre and Sheryl Crow.


Cutting a solitary figure at the piano, singer-songwriter Sarah Mary Chadwick redefines what it means to be a confessional artist.

Her performance at MOS will precede the release of her seventh record, Me And Ennui Are Friends Baby. It's the closing chapter in a trilogy of records that began with the wondrous The Queen Who Stole the Sky and continued on 2020's Please Daddy. Her commanding responses to weighty personal reckonings sit somewhere between a full-throated hymn and a hushed confessional.

Sarah Mary Chadwick broadcasts her internal processing of trauma and conflict over hauntingly minimal arrangements. She does it alone and invites us to bear witness. She leaves everything on the stage and it's up to us to collect the remnants and read the tea leaves.

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