Smug Anime Face + Headlopper


8:00 pmMonday, 28 November 2022


Old Bar

74 - 76 Johnston St, Collingwood 3066

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Inspired by art grind bands such as THE LOCUST and AN ALBATROSS Smug uses discordance to their advantage in creating an onslaught to your sensors which is both obscure and harmonious. This is S.A.F’s first time off the island so ya better come and get what for.


Fresh from launching their latest release "Ataraxia", the noise/grindcore/avant garde quartet Headlopper will leave you dazed with their abrasive yet experimental tunes and chaotic live performance. Comprising of drums, vocals/effects, saxophone and a home made springboard, Headlopper are constantly genre bending and amalgamating styles to create something truly confusing and horrifying, yet familiar.

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