SKA-NON, Greyjacks, Lazerlips, Don't Thank Me Spank Me


8:00 pmSunday, 4 August 2019


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Ska-Non are a Ska/Punk band that love sinking tinnies and lingering in smokey rooms, and most of the time, not quite knowing what's going on. Though somewhere along the line, managed to write some songs. These songs will be bought to you along with tracks from Greyjacks and Lazerlips.

Greyjacks are a 4-piece punk band who can’t quite seem to define themselves. Chances are you’ll hear some ska, prog, thrash and heck, maybe even a disco beat in their songs. But this organised chaos is always attributed by their rock-solid and 80’s punk-inspired foundation. So, I guess Greyjacks are a punk band who dabble in other genres? I guess it's a bit of a choose your own adventure!

As for Lazerlips, with their carefully crafted mix of scratchy tones and rapturous beats, power trio Lazerlips were born from the sounds of alt-rock, garage, and punk rock consisting of drummer Will Pain, bassist Thom McMahon, and guitarist/ vocalist Luke Pender, Lazerlips harness the kind of raw and thrashing energy you like.

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