Sex on Toast, Sannia, Jamilla, Papaya Tree


7:30 pmSaturday, 13 October 2018



7-11 Dawson St, Brunswick

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At long last, Sex on Toast unveil their latest EP... Rough.

The record signals the completion of the double EP project Rough and Ready.

2016's Ready was a light and joyous affair, with horn arrangements, pianos, both electric and acoustic, high falsetto and tight 70's backbeats.

Rough EP shifts that palate with sparse ballads, slow jams, uptempo, Minneapolis stomp, heavy metal, 12" mixes, drum machines and industrial noise. Think of Rough as Ready's moodier older cousin.

Rough's first single '4U' was a desperate slow jam that bore the bite of winter's chill, with Nima Nabili Rad's 1989 film-trailer style bringing the song to life as well as strong homages to New Edition, Silk, and Prince's Graffiti Bridge.

Summer's new jack swing banger 'Party' brought piercing snares, munchkin voices, 1990's guitar shred and orchestral hits into a visual universe of bath-tub talk boxing and ecstatic partying in Jesse Gohier Fleet's directorial vision starring Noelani Choates and Rama Parwata, the King of Guitar.

Rough, the 27 minute and six song short player features this and more.

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