Starts 7:00 pm, 28 January 2020Ends11:45 pm, 29 January 2020


Northcote Social Club

301 High Street, Northcote

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Some bands can argue that they’re seminal, and some have no need to say anything, letting their name speak for itself. Sebadoh must fit in to the latter category. Over five years since their last Australian tour, they’re finally dragging their lo-fi slacker genius back to our shores.

With the release this year of their acclaimed return to form album Act Surprised, their first since 2013’s Defend Yourself, the band have returned to the genius that made them an essential part of every right thinking person’s record collection.

As the obligatory hiatus for the first part of the 2000s kept fans wondering if they’d seen the last of them, 2007 saw Sebadoh reform to much acclaim and the promise of new recordings.

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