Registered Mourner, Going Swimming


9:00 pmFriday, 2 December 2022


Hotel Westwood

28 Napier Street Footscray

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Registered Mourner:

Melbourne-born heavy-hitting trio Registered Mourner seeks to prod the dormant forces that lie beneath—and give rise to—our personal, social and political veneers. While off-kilter harmonies gleam over and a chugging engine room, listeners will be artfully nudged off balance; de-centred, cradled in suspense, and carefully re-centred, experiencing emotional pay-offs previously unimagined. Come and celebrate bandleader Tony’s 45th birthday with garage-surfers Going Swimming.

Going Swimming:

Just like the Andrew W.Ks and Weird Al Yankovics that came before them, local boys Going Swimming are here to help you get a party started. Whether it’s smooth surf classics from the early catalogue or their more recent heart felt smash hits that are yet to grace the shelves, the raucous energy and adoring upbeat persona of this quartet will have the punters charmed. Don’t believe in magic? Come down to Hotel Westwood on the 2nd of December and see for yourself…magic happens.

Doors 9pm

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    Hotel Westwood

    28 Napier Street Footscray