Hot Donnas (NZ), The Darrans Space Boys, Purple REIGN Prince VS Slayer


7:30 pmFriday, 12 July 2019


Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar

238 Victoria St Melbourne

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The marvellous men from Hot Donnas are jumping the ditch, and it’s time to fucking party. They’ve heard that some of their continental cousins like to thrash heads, stomp feet and rip shit up, so it’s time to test the water.

From the release of their latest album “Dirty Paradise”, and brand spanking new single “Tube Socks”, it is very clear (even from a block down the street) that Hot Donnas are ready to make you sweat. Do you think you can handle it?

Making an Australian debut is an important step for these young men from the dirty slums of Dunedin, and they haven’t cut any corners when it comes to showtime. After playing across New Zealand over the past 2 years, blasting raw and very loud rock’n’roll into ear drums of many, they have put together an epic live show that you do not wanna miss.


Get down to The LC from midnight on July 12th as two heavy weight champions, Prince and Slayer, are finally pitted against each other in a brutal track-by-track vinyl/aux battle as DJ Dennis Denuto, QC and DJ Lou Lou go head to head.

Free entry and the kitchen will be open serving Shane’s Fried Chicken until 3am. Bar open until 7am.


Johnston Street brings to you, the undeserving punter our friends Space Boys from Wollongong. When Space Boys came down for the Johnston Street Hottest 100 earlier this year they said their dream is to play a set with a "Best of NHL Hockey Fights" YouTube video projected onto them - The Johnston Street Make a Wish foundation would like to make that happen at this show.

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